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Searching for a Simplified Balance of Life?

Arcus was founded to meet a need within our community. The need was an independent service provider that could assist with the myriad of financially administrative issues that fall between the core responsibilities of the investment professional, tax accountant and attorney. While many of these groups offer comparable services, the “bundling” of the administrative and concierge-type work with their primary area of expertise often had an outcome of poor results, sub-par service and higher fees. Our company has moved personal financial administration from an afterthought to its core competency.

It is our belief that financially successful individuals and families with multi-generational wealth should partner with a firm that excels at working with your trusted investment, legal and tax providers to seamlessly have your overall financial picture come together. While many of the tasks may appear mundane, they represent a cumulative drain on your time or can cause outsized frustration when something slips through the cracks. Retaining or training an employee can be costly and may not stay consistent.

Financial success often results in greater complexity requiring a disproportionate amount of your time and attention. That is why we take pride in our accessibility, adaptability, and accountability. When you partner with Arcus, you are paired with an experienced professional. Clients are assigned one Relationship Manager - your single point of contact responsible for servicing your bill pay, cash management, bookkeeping, monthly financial reporting, mail management and year-end tax coordination. They are also there to ensure any unexpected or one-off issues that may arise within your household or administrative needs are seamlessly addressed and that our services continue to evolve with your situation.

Our experienced professionals have decades of experience working to meet the needs of some of the most accomplished (and demanding) clientele. We understand the complexity and often unexpected obstacles that might arise in this rarefied air. Our internal process is designed to detangle the web of financial decisions, administrative tasks, and lifestyle management. Our goal is that, while we spend time streamlining administrative workflows, you can spend time on the things you enjoy with peace of mind knowing they will be done right.

Streamlining Your Personal and Family Office Needs:

Arcus simplifies the ancillary services individuals and families like you often require. As an independent service provider, we offer a less complicated solution for managing your life. Whether it is facilitating your bill pay and invoice reconciliation or assisting with travel plans, we offer a bespoke solution tailored to you and your family’s needs so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Core Services + Customized Plans

Our firm’s à la carte approach allows for your selection of core services to be dovetailed into your unique situation. With your permission, we will proactively coordinate with your family office team or other professionals to ensure consistency and seamless results.

Exceptional Success + Expert Solutions

Our experienced professionals have more than 25 years of experience working closely with affluent individuals and families in a variety of capacities. Understanding the complexity and often unexpected needs of highly successful individuals is our strength.

Personal Assistance + Direct Accessibility

Communication is our guiding principle. Our team seeks to ensure accessibility and communication at an unprecedented level. Our single point of contact model allows you direct access to your dedicated professional.

Who We Work With

While Arcus works with high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families who want to optimize their time, allowing them to focus on their careers or businesses, or simply enjoy life, we also work with elder affluent individuals who simply cannot or do not want to handle their personal affairs.

How Can We Help?

While we find that more often than not, we create programs, uniquely customized to your situation, to make life more simplified, Arcus can also implement a strategy you already have in place or bridge the gap from your vision to execution.

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