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A Client-Centered Approach

To Coordinate All Areas of Your Financial and Personal Life

Understanding Your Unique Needs & Building A Trusted Dynamic

Arcus specifically addresses the complex, multifaceted needs of highly affluent families. Our extensive list of services simplifies the administration of your personal finances or lifestyle needs. We are committed to understanding you and your current situation in order to design a solution that allows us to seamlessly work alongside our clients. Our process begins with an initial consult, where we dive into how things are working for you now and how they would ideally work more efficiently for you. We then custom design a plan and assign a Relationship Manager, your own life concierge to make your life less complicated. We work hard to develop a level of trust with our clients that not only provides the confidence that the work will be done but also give our clients peace of mind in that our work will be done correctly and on-time. Whether the goal is to alleviate an already hectic schedule, or to make important decisions, we are here to help you.

Services We Offer:

Develop & Refine Personal Financial Reporting and Administrative Workflows

Through our consultive process we will work with you to design an efficient strategy and optimized
solution to meet your personal, household or business needs.

Bill Pay, Cash Flow Monitoring & Reminders

Arcus will pay bills, monitor expenses, and analyze cash accounts that we manage. This includes identifying discrepancies or notable variances as well as reminding you of important dates to keep you on top of your finances.

Bookkeeping & Monthly Financial Reporting

Arcus will maintain your financial data and prepare a customized monthly reporting package that includes a summary dashboard that puts the data you require at your fingertips.

Mail Management

Arcus offers clients the option to redirect paper or electronic mail to our office for management and efficiency. Local clients can arrange to have mail picked up.

Tax Organization

At the end of the year, Arcus will work with your CPA or tax preparer to generate and coordinate the necessary reports pertaining to the financial data that we are responsible for.

Customized Concierge Administrative Services

Based on each situation, Arcus is able to design unique high-level customized financial and lifestyle service packages.

Review and Consultation of Investment Portfolio Fees and Past Tax Filings

Upon request, Arcus can provide a review of investment fees or past tax filings. While we do not provide investment or tax advice, we have experience in identifying commonly overlooked or misunderstood items such as all-in investment expenses and potential tax filing opportunities.

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